Don’t let anyone fool you, follow tips from SBI

It is the era of technology, but we are facing lots of safety problems too these days. Frauds are searching for new ways to cheat every day. If you want to be safe you have to be very careful before you make any transactions. Not only is the common man being cheated, but politicians and celebrities also are being cheated. Hackers are using new tools to steal your data of credit/debit card and banking. SBI cares about the security of their customers; that is why SBI is spreading awareness to make their customers safer. Read below tips carefully and be secure.

While Using debit card

1. Most people tend to be very trusting and give credit/debit cards to any friend without hesitation. But this is not good for your banking security. If you want to make your banking details secure, then you need to make credit/debit card information private. Don’t give your card to anyone. By knowing your card details and CVV number someone can misuse your card.

2. Don’t share ATM PIN with anyone else and keep changing it at regular intervals. Don’t write your ATM PIN at any place, and make sure that your ATM PIN is not guessable.

3. While paying bills at restaurants don’t give your card to a waiter. Go yourself and swipe it yourself.

4. While doing online transactions make sure that your Internet connection is secure. It is best to do online transactions using an incognito window of your browser because no one can track or crack an incognito window. (In Google Chrome- click on three dots on right side of your computer screen to find incognito and in Mozilla, at same place, there will be three line). Avoid conducting transactions on public WIFI or other free WIFI.

5. Don’t share your personal details, like your mother’s maiden name, your pet’s name or any other information given by you as answers for “Security Questions” for resetting of passwords.

6. Use ON/OFF facility provided for managing Debit Card’s international usage.

Be aware of fraud callers

Today many people are getting calls like “Sir/ ma’am I am speaking from XYZ bank, your card is expiring or is blocked. If you want to continue providing your details for confirmation and our bank will reactivate your card.” Always keep in mind that banks will never ask any information about your card or account. If your card is actually expiring or any such issue, the bank will send an authentic official letter to your registered address.

While Using net banking

1. Don’t share your User ID and password with anyone and don’t create weak or easily guessable passwords. Cyber criminals easily can crack your weak password.

2. Don’t share your share OTP/CVV and Password ever with anyone else.

3. Once you have completed your online transaction, logout immediately.

4. Register your mobile with your Bank account for SMS Alerts.

5. Regularly check your transaction history and statements.

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